Tuesday, July 16, 2013

One Singular Sensation...

Last night after work, Daniel and I went to the Palladium in Soho to see A Chorus Line. We got an excellent deal off Groupon- £19/ ticket! Usually it is impossible to find theater tickets for less than £50, so I was happy and knew hat even if we didn't like it, it was a deal we couldn't pass up.

The Palladium was beautiful AND only two tube stops away from our new place (which we still don't know if it is actually our new place...) but was about 20 minutes from where are now in Canary Wharf. Since we got there a little early, we got drinks and enjoyed them in the lobby.

Once we took our seats, we were very happy with the groupon purchase. We were in the bottom section, very close to the stage! 

The theater was over 100 years old. Its walls were made of beautiful orange marble and dark wood paneling. Something I love about London is how old everything is...feels so different then back 

I have never seen a play that I didn't like, so I really enjoyed the show. I loved the opening number and it's my new song for finding a job in London. "Sing" and "I can do that" have kind of merged into one song and keeps playing over and over again in my head. I of course loved "One" and might have almost cried when all the actors came out in their shiny gold costumes and performed it. 

Daniel on the other hand...

When we came out of the theater, he was very quiet. I could tell he was thinking about something, but didn't want to say it in fears of hurting my feelings. 

I kept asking him what he thought about the musical, and instead of answering, he would reply, "Well, what did YOU think about it."

Me: "I loved it, how about you?"
Him: "Really? You liked it? Well that's good."
Me: "it wasn't my favorite. But I still enjoyed it."
Him: "Good!"

Daniel hates bursting my bubble and was worried that I would be sad that he didn't enjoy it, but I finally made him snap after my millionth question about his feelings towards A Chorus Line. 

Evidently, there was no plot. 

There isn't supposed to be a plot! It's not a story! It is more a snippet of the life of a of an audition and the dancers participating in it.

Supposedly, it was too predictable. All the male dancers were gay blah blah.

This musical was made in the 70's , when coming out was still not as accepted as it is now! Back then, that wasn't predictable! 

And, to top it off, that girl singing about her tits and ass was annoying and redundant. We get it. You got a boob job and now people hire you for jobs. Go you. 

I had to agree with him on that, but singing about your butt and boobs does make for an unforgettable song! 

Ok, so Daniel didn't quite say it like that, t that is how my brain interpreted it :-p

We decided that next play needs more theatrics and more of a story. I've seen Chicago, Wicked, Lion King...if you have any other suggestions for man friendly musicals, let me know!


  1. I'm obsessed with Mary Poppins musical! Phantom was pretty good too. Andrew liked mary poppins.....I have no clue if it's even playing now though.

  2. Awww...Daniel...I personally enjoyed Chorus Line as well so you're not alone! I've also seen Phantom and Beauty and the Beast fairly recently. Both are fantastic!



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