Saturday, July 13, 2013

Notting Hill

Despite getting in a little late last night, I knew that I wanted us to wake up early and head to Portobello Market in Notting Hill. 

Although I love the movie, I really wanted to go there to search for some good antiques. However, half of the tourists in London had the same idea and it was quite crowded. There was a queue (I'm catching on to British lingo) just to board the escalator to leave the Notting Hill tube station, and basically a sea of people moving at a snails pace to the market. 

We met a friend from Austin high school, Sadia, there with her husband. I am so thankful to have a connection to home here in London and glad that we got to all be here together. We decided that we could live in these homes. 

Some art that was being sold. Lots of maps and old sketches. I think that I may go back to buy a map of Europe for our new flat. The vendor promised me that it was none of that "Chinese/ Indian rubbish" as I was browsing...I guess he was proud enough of that fact to advertise it. 

Side note: the places where you throw away trash are called rubbish bins. Not trash cans. I learned that as I was trying to look for one.

An adorable cart selling English china. I loved the pitchers...but I just bought a nice English vase for £4 from a thrift store, not going to pay £22 for a pitcher that looks just like it! 

Well, maybe I would have if my husband wasn't there :-p

We ate lunch at a really good pizza joint. Everything was so fresh...I had a salad with peas and pecorino, along with toast topped with avocado and spices. 

After our trip to the market, Daniel and I came home and crashed, then went to a bar by our flat that sells 2 for 1 cocktails. All in all, it was a wonderful Saturday! 


  1. So did you knock on William Thacher's blue door or what?? Did you get a picture with Anna Scott?

  2. I just rewatched the good!



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