Friday, July 12, 2013

To Market, To Market

I cannot WAIT to move to our neighborhood, St. John's Wood. Regardless of if we got the flat or not, we know we want to live here. It is a quiet haven, only one tube stop away from all of the city action.  I tried another yoga studio today that's in our future neighborhood. The original studio that I'd been attending was in the very middle of the city, and I didn't realize how truly nerve wrecking it was getting there until my journey to this quiet, peaceful, part of town where I don't have to hear the constant honking and yelling, don't have to push through people to get to my destination, and don't nearly get ran over at every intersection. It was a lovely walk to the studio that I didn't mind at all. 

I passed this school called Saint Christina...maybe it is a sign that I should try and work there?

After my peaceful walk and yoga practice, I subjected myself back into the sea of tourists to check out Borough Market. It was crowded, but so cool! I met my friend Brittany there and two friends she has visiting. The market was like a farmers market on steroids. Along with the normal array of fruits and vegetables, they also had vendors selling truffles, oils, cheeses, olives, meats, candies, jams...really anything you could think of! 

Excuse the random hand, but this was my favorite vendor. Two Frenchmen were selling French imports, such as wines, stinky cheese (formage), dried lavender, different pates, and sangria. I of course had to get a cup of sangria...hooray for no open container laws in the UK! 

Best grilled cheese ever, purchased at the market! We watched them slice the cheese and fresh bread to make the sandwich. They also added onions, leeks, and scallions. So delicious! 

The church by the market where we ate our market findings (although mine had pretty much been inhaled way before we sat). 

Just like there were French vendors, there were also Spanish, Turkish, and Italian vendors as well. One Italian station had all of this dried meat hanging from string on a board. I asked if it was beef jerky, and the Italian replied in her thick accent that it was MUCH more refined than "ze Amer-e-cun shjerky" and gave me a sample. WOW, it tasted amazing and I had to buy some for Daniel. I could only afford that one was £7 ($10.50)!

If you (yes, YOU) come visit us, we will definitely hit up the market so you, too, can taste all of the amazing things from all over Europe. 

Btw, I love you all! I have had so many encouraging emails, comments, and fb posts about the blog and I just want to say, thank you so much for reading! I'm always a little insecure about blogging ( do people really want to hear this? Am I articulate enough? Am I even using correct English? All insecurities that float around in my head before I push "publish".) It truly makes me feel more connected to home after reading all of your comments. I just imagine that I'm sharing my stories in a bar or coffee shop back home instead of over the Internet :-) 

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  1. Oh that looks like so much fun! I'm super jealous of your London adventures and love hearing all your stories!



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