Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thoughts for Thursday

The walk to my yoga studio

Yoga is different here...much slower paced and more restorative. I think people need that here. 

Got  lost finding the subway...but that's OK. 

Speaking of public transport...I really thought that public transport would save us money, but it is actually pretty expensive. I have spent 60 quid on it this past week...that is $90! Thankfully you can buy a monthly pass for 116 pounds ( about $170) which is still really pricey in my eyes. I guess that's gas and insurance? Regardless, public transportation is amazing here and more affordable than having a car.  
Didn't find the muffin man on Druary Lane, but on my search for great resale shops, I snagged this there...a great italian made blazer for Daniel. There is a chain of these shops called Oxfam and they are Buffalo Exchange but all proceeds go to charity and it isn't as expensive. They also sell home goods. I've been on a mission to check out every Oxfam in London!
It's overwhelming going to the grocery store here because literally every brand is new to me! I usually just buy the grocery store brand, Waitrose.
That's all. 

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