Friday, July 19, 2013

We got it!

Today after yoga, I had to take Daniela's MacBook pro to the apple store because it has decided not to turn on in London. On my way, I got a text from Daniel instructing me to scratch the apple store off of my to-do list, and instead go pick up our keys to our new flat! Woohoo! Especially because we were told that it would be another week, it was such a surprise! I still managed to go to Apple, and then I turned around and went back to SJW (it's easier to type that then St John's Wood...from now on, I'm just using the acronym).

SJW was wild today because of the cricket tournament! I was early getting the keys, and tried to go grab some lunch as I waited...every restaurant was packed and reservations only! Our new flat is a block from the cricket stadium, so we will have to go watch a game, regardless of the fact that it is an impossible sport to understand.

ANYWAYS, I got our keys and met our landlord! It is a Hungarian couple in their mid 50's- 60's and they live above us. Super sweet, even left us a card on our counter!

I mean, really? Have you ever seen a cuter key? It only took me 10 minutes to shimmy it into the lock and turn without breaking it in half...

So, now we are ferociously buying plates, pots, fans, rubbish bins,towels, blankets, irons, tvs...the house is furnished at its bare minimum. I'm really sad that our vacation budget is taking a beating, but we gotta feel like home in this new place! 

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