Sunday, August 4, 2013

A Pleasant Weekend

This is where I am now bloggin' from...Daniel's man cave (closet). It is literally smaller than most of your walk-through closets...but we are happy to have a little study here, and it was a feature that we didn't see in any other flat we looked at. 

On Friday, I decided to go back to Borough Market because I was craving the grilled cheese sandwich I had last time I went there. It was amazing and deserves an ode written to it, but I couldn't even finish it, it was so rich! I also bought these gorgeous flowers...I've never had luck with Hydrangeas in Houston, but the London variety actually live for about 2 weeks! I love how full they are. 


On Saturday, we opened a UK bank account (exciting...not!!!) and then really wanted to sit on the canal and enjoy drinks. After walking to the pub we wanted to try and waiting in line to be seated, we realized we needed a reservation. For drinks. Ridiculous. So, we walked to our favorite pub Prince Alfred and enjoyed a pint/ wine before going to dinner.

Dinner was fab, at a local Italian restaurant. I had a pizza and regretfully ate the whole thing, Daniel had lamb rigatoni. We will definitely be back! 

You notice how I am wearing a sweater? London weather might be as crazy as Houston' hour it's thunder storming, the next it is SO HOT, and then the next it is chilly. Both last night and today I had goosebumps, it was so cold! 

Today, we slept in, made a big breakfast of eggs, kale, and toast, then went to the V&A Museum. It truly is a wonderful of the only attractions that is FREE, first off...and you can just get lost in it. We were there for several hours and maybe saw 1/3 of it? We go through museums at a very easy pace: we rarely read the descriptions, walk leisurely, and usually take advantage of the benches in the different exhibits. 

Afterwards, we went to a Dim Sum restaurant near by that I had a Groupon for...only 7 pounds a person for a LOT of dumplings and a glass of wine each. It was good, but I don't know if I'd go back because it is normally pretty expensive. 

One of the plates we ordered were pumpkin dumplings, and they actually looked like little pumpkins. SO cute! 

I hope that everyone else had a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by and checking out what we were up to! 

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