Monday, August 5, 2013

Camden's Stables Market

Today was a good day. I woke up early, walked to yoga, and then walked to Camden to visit their market.
I was enticed to visit Camden because it meant walking along the canal, which is becoming my favorite thing to do here.
While walking on the overgrown trail, I passed some wild blackberries. I wanted to try them, but didn't want to pull a Foxface (Hunger Games, anyone?).

I saw a huge church behind the canal fence, had to take a look and snap a pic!

It took about 25 minutes to get to the market. I didn't know what to expect, and I didn't care if it was lame. I am a woman without a schedule and figured, "Why not?"


Camden Market was so much more than I imagined it to be. I didn't know if it would be a food market like Borough Market, or a (sorry) junky market, like Church Street which I visited on Saturday. Church Street didn't deserve to be blogged about. I now know what Portobello Market was referring to when the vendor proudly proclaimed they didn't sell any Indian or Chinese rubbish.
But no, Camden market literally offered anything you could imagine. They had a section selling all kinds of street foods: kebabs, falafel, paella...I had a nutella banana crepe and grape fruit hibiscus iced tea. Don't judge.
After walking through the open area where the food vendors were set up, I walked through the stables. I immediately felt like I was transferred to Diagnon Alley- it was dark, dingy, yet so vibrant with the eclectic mix of both people and merchandise. Each vendor was set up in a different stall of the stable. You walked along a cobble stoned path between the stables that was only wide enough for one person.  The stalls were jam-packed with goods, some selling touristy products, others a surprisingly amount of cannabis paraphernalia, and other stalls selling imports from China, Turkey, and India. There were also vendors selling trendy yet inexpensive clothes, fake name brand purses, leather goods, and antiques (where I found Trolls...ha!).
Camden Market was just so...different. The stables were a maze that someone could easily get lost in, and I had to make myself leave, accepting that I didn't have time before the rain hit to look at all of the different offerings.





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