Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cool title

Can't really think of a Title to sum up what's going on in my mind as I format a blog post, so "cool title" is what you get! 

Yesterday, after 3 weeks of no Internet in our flat, the technician came and finally installed it. And guess what? Still no Internet!!? Our area is very old and our only option was basic broadband. I am not computer savvy at all, but evidently it is very hard to install Internet access in the house we live in and the technician warned me that it might not work just yet. I was really excited that cable+ Internet was only £5 a month, and now I'm realizing why...supposedly it will be working in the next 24 hours, but I don't believe it. 

So, I'm at a pub, taking advantage of their wifi while I write this. I don't mind it. Btw, I am sharing a table with two English men that basically know two words, and one starts with an "f", and the other is "bloody", and the conversation is about Nutella. Awkward. Trying so hard not to laugh as I write this. 

Ok, change of subject, Daniel and I are crazy and have planned our third European vacation. To Iceland. In January. 

Before you say "WTF are y'all thinking" let me explain why.

Daniel is SO easy going and basically leaves everything to me when it comes to decision making, but he had only one request while we are in Europe, and that was to see the Northern Lights. 

Obviously not a picture I have taken, but I didn't even know what the northern lights were until Daniel showed me a picture, so I wanted to post a pic in case you don't know what they are, either. 

Anyways, to hopefully see the northern lights, you have to go to the arctic circle (norway, finland, canada, alaska, sweden, and Iceland) during the months of dec-feb for the best chance...the more rural the area, the better. 

Doesn't that sound lovely? Going to the coldest place in the world, in the months when it's the coldest? And you can't be near the city? And you might not even see the damn green hue?

At first, we looked into staying at an ice hotel in Sweden...literally a hotel made out of ice. All that there was to do there was freeze your butt off and pet Huskies for the low price of 1k a night. Thank God it was out of our price range. Seriously, thank you Jesus. 

Next, we looked into Iceland because it's simply the most appealing country to us. Ever since Ali the bachelorette went there, I was interested. There's beach (although you wouldn't dare go into the water), there's volcanos, there's hot springs...

So, that's where we are going. Even if we aren't lucky enough to see the Northern Lights, we can still swim in hot springs, explore the beautiful country side, and the capital city Reykghftionfhthsofh (...jk, there's a million letters in it and it starts with reyk) is supposed to be very hip and happening. plus, ithe weather is comparable to Boston or NYC in the winter...awful, but not as bad as the other countries. 

Because we are going to a place that isn't too desirable, I was able to book an amazing place. It is between volcanoes and the sea, yet only 30 min from the big city (where we wouldn't want to stay, because we want to see the northern lights!) It's also 15 min from Blue Lagoon and had such amazing reviews that I knew instantly this is where we should stay. I am honestly really excited! 

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