Friday, August 9, 2013

Picnic Date Night

On Wednesday, I ran to Primrose Hill...I'd ran by it before, but I wanted to run up it a few times to challenge myself. It doesn't look too steep, but it really is! The view from the top makes all of that huffing and puffing worth it though, and I really wanted Daniel to experience it, so we had a picnic there this afternoon. 

The picture does Primrose Hill absolutely no justice. From here, you can see the London Eye, St. Paul's, The Gerkin building, and more...a great view of the London skyline. 

This is probably one of my favorite spots in London. We watched dogs frolicking and prancing through the tall grass, chasing the children that were rolling down the hill. The dogs are bold here and would come up to our blanket, nosing our cheese and looking at us like "don't you want to share?" Young couples dot the hill, usually sharing a bottle of wine and laying down in the cool grass. There was a young man there playing guitar. The breeze was so cool that I needed a sweater. There's something so wonderful about seeing an expanse of land in a city where we are surrounded by concrete and people. 

The aftermath of our picnic: olive pits, an empty bottle of French wine, and a bite of smudged Brie. 

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