Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Long time, no see!

I'm sorry it's been a few days since I've last posted! Truth is, not a lot has been happening on this side of the pond. 

I forgot to post these pictures on Sunday...a church by our house with a very old cemetery...the headstones have been severly weathered and appear to be blank now. Kinda cool, kinda creepy!

Anyways, things have been somewhat difficult for me lately. I feel bad saying that, since we are so blessed to be here and for Daniel's career opportunities, but I've been a little restless and "tested"...

1. I want a job. I've applied to SO many schools, gyms, and yoga studios. I need to feel like I'm being productive and I need more responsibility than just making sure our flat and my baby (aka husband)  are taken care of. But, job hunting is difficult when you...

2. Don't have Internet. I've spent HOURS...maybe days...dealing with our Internet service. We were supposed to have it last Wednesday. Haven't been connected to the Internet for even a second without our phones. I call them daily to ask about it, and would cancel our service, except it's our only option in our area! This wouldn't be so bad except...

3. My phone provider is terrible and I have no service in our flat. I am about to cancel it, but this will be my 4th switch in the time we've been here. Basically, no mobile or Internet provider can compare to the US. 

4. Remember how I mentioned our neighbor, the one who has been the only garden flat for the past 20 years? Lord, she tests me daily. She's ringing our doorbell constantly, complaining about receiving our mail or asking if we have hers. One day,I received a package and opened it without looking, expecting it to be our shower mat. It was a pair of Swarovski encrusted Jimmy Choo heals...of course, hers. That was fun, apologizing for opening her mail, in which her response was "They are very expensive shoes..." I mean, does she think I went on a run through London with them? I immediately brought them to her! Today she rang our bell as I was serving dinner, telling us she had a water leak. She barges in and shows herself inside our flat, sure the leak was coming from us....we were speechless. With that being said, I really want to be polite towards her...her husband is very sick and in a hospice, she's told me before how grouchy she always is, and her flat is for sale (we wonder if she can't afford to live there with her sick husband). I know her circumstances are making her this way, and I just want to show her kindness. 

5. To top it all off, the honeymoon stage of our move is slowly ending and I'm getting homesick! With every email I get of family get togethers and pictures I see of my pets, I miss Texas more and more! It's also little things...tried to make my famous taquitos and they were terrible because I couldn't find good corn tortillas or green salsa. I wish I could watch Breaking Bad. I'm so tired if hand washing dishes. My friend Myrna, who lived in Japan for a year, told me she was most thankful for her experience abroad because it showed her how wonderful home is...London might just be teaching me that, too! 

On a positive side, things could not be better for our marriage. There's nothing like moving to another country and only having each other. I'm so thankful that this test has brought us so much closer together. 

Sorry to be a bit of a downer....this is just where I'm at and why I haven't blogged lately! 

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