Sunday, August 18, 2013

Highs and Lows

Last post was a drag, and I appreciate all of the encouraging words. Things are still annoying and I'll give y'all updates, but first let's focus on the positives...

1. I love Regents Park

It's right by our flat and I love running through it before yoga. 

2. Meeting new friends

On Saturday, we had a quiet morning...I ran and went to an Ashtanga class, while Daniel stayed home to watch soccer. Afterwards, we met up with Daniel's coworker and girlfriend in Greenwich. They are a really great couple and moved here from South Africa over a year ago. It was nice connecting with others that can relate to the changes of moving. They, too, miss having space, the sun, and good food. 

Greenwich is a really nice, quiet area. We went to a brewery there and ate at a restraunt that served Chili's quality for Perry's prices, but the pub we went to afterwards made up for it. 

3. Harrod's

A £200,000 bathtub

This afternoon, we went to Harrods. Neither of us are shoppers, but it is an experience for everyone. I liked the food section, but it was too crowded to buy anything! 

Harrod's offered everything you could ever want...they had a Christmas section, book store, fitness section, fine jewelry, furniture, appliances/ electronics...very overwhelming. Daniel found his protein powder there for £80. He bought it on amazon for £24. So moral of the story: don't buy anything at Harrod's unless you just want to be able to say you bought something from there! 

4. Landlords are in Spain for 2 more getting woken up at 5 am from their stomping around! I've decided that I WILL bring this up when they come back. This morning, our ceiling creaked from 5-6 a.m. nonstop from their moving around. We've tried drowning out the sound with earplugs and a fan, but it's no use. I feel so bad complaining to them because they are so sweet to us, but Daniel needs to be able to sleep!

5. We go out of town next weekend to York...can't wait!

6. We have our first visitors in less than 3 weeks...I've bought extra pillows, towels, blankets, and an air mattress to prepare. To say that I'm excited is a gross understatement!

7. Got to Skype with Daniel's family during the 36 miraculous hours of Internet BT decided to grace us with. 

And now for the lows...

1. Our 4th BT ( Internet company) "engineer" is coming on Tuesday. That means me waiting all day at our flat, for the 4th time. It's a good thing I don't have a job! A worker actually fixed it on Friday and we had Internet for 36 glorious hours, but then this morning it was out. No joke, my phone shows that I've spent 7 hours and 5 minutes on the phone with BT these past 2 weeks. 

2. The saga continues with our neighbor. She rang my doorbell on Thursday, complaining that now her utilities have been turned off because of the confusion with there being 2 garden flats now. I felt terrible, but her complaining to me solves no problems! Then, the bell rang again that afternoon, this time she brought along our landlords. She barged in to make them see our utility room (she's certain her leak is from there, even though we don't have any signs of a leak) and they proceeded to have a screaming match in our flat for 15 minutes. So awkward. She exhausts me.

Ok, we are about to try a well reviewed tapas restraunt down the street...we desperately crave good food! 

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  1. Next time your neighbor is rude to you, just ask her very kindly "Why are you being rude to me?" For some reason it throws people off and most of the time they will back off. Not sure if it will work but it's worth a shot.



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