Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Miracle of Miracles


We have internet! I could go into details about why it took so long, but I don't feel like rehashing it and I know that you don't really care (I barely care!) BUT, we have internet. Hooray!

That means blogging is about to get much easier! Hopefully I can learn how to touch up my pictures and make the blog easier to read. Although, who am I kidding, probably not much will change.

So, on Sunday, like I said, we went to get Tapas. I will focus on the positive: everything was 20% off, we had a delicious and inexpensive bottle of Spanish red, and decadent churros with melted dark chocolate sauce to dip it in. Yum!

A few blocks from our flat is a gorgeous church. We thought we'd be trouble makers so we snuck under the locked chain (this was before realizing there was an open pathway from the sidewalk we could go through- sneaking in made it more fun) for a photo op. It got a little silly, entailing  handstands and smack talk about who could win at a headstand competition (Daniel said he COULD but it hurts his head too much, so I win).

On the way home, we noticed that the sunset was gorgeous. Too bad I only had my phone and I'm not a pro at photo shopping, this picture does it no justice. While Daniel was taking the picture, we heard the LOUDEST "meooooowwwwww" and a cat stuck her head out of the bushes, screaming at us. At first I though she wanted us to leave her territory, but she ran out of the bushes towards me and instantly began walking through my legs, purring. She even jumped up, trying to make me hold her! I was so thankful for her- I really needed my pet fix! I tried checking on her yesterday, but couldn't find her. Daniel said she was just a cheap street cat working her corner for a trick, but I think she was a friendly neighborhood cat, welcoming us to SJW. She seemed very healthy and jumped back onto her perch behind the bushes once we started walking towards home (I secretly hoped she would follow us). Hopefully I will run into her again!  



  1. I'm finally getting to catch up on all these and you make me smile and laugh everytime. Seems just like talking to you! Go find that cat!

    1. I'm glad you're reading... We missed y'all on Sunday!

  2. Many English cats are indoor/outdoor. I agree with you, I think kitty knew you needed a cat snuggle, and gave you one. ;)

  3. Cats just know those type of things!



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