Thursday, August 22, 2013

When you know the notes to sing.... can sing most anything!

On Monday, as I was soaking up the sun at Regent's Park, I noticed A TON of people there, especially children. At about the time they all seemed to mysteriously disappear, a loud, booming voice was heard throughout the park, followed by the sound of giggling children. I followed to see what was going on, and realized there's an Open Air Theatre, filled with all of the excited children I had originally seen in the park.

Then, I saw the show being featured and pretty much hyperventilated with excitement.

I LOVE The Sound Of Music. Read the book, own the blueray and soundtrack, recorded the special Oprah did where she reunited the cast, used to want to be Liesl (but now, of course I'd rather be Maria), the whole 9 yards. So, of course I paid the arm and leg for Daniel and me to see it tonight!
First, we had a picnic in the park. Olives, Riesling, Camembert, bread, Serrano, Prosciutto...

The stage.
After the picnic, we walked to the theatre. We had aisle seats, which I didn't think anything of. And then, the symphony started playing the opening song...we hear the bellowing "The Hillllssssss Are Aliveeeee", look over, and Maria is walking down the stairs, on our aisle, literally standing on our row, right next to Daniel.
I pretty much cried the whole time- I feel such a strong connection to the story and I pretty much think Maria is my favorite (real) character, ever. Not to metion that the children were AMAZING and stole the show.
It was a beautiful play. Being outside, surrounded by trees and fireflies (I didn't see them, but Daniel swears they were there), and seeing one of the most amazing words could explain. The movie is still incredible, but see the play, too.

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