Friday, August 23, 2013

Workin' Girl

I have some great news! Now that we finally have internet, I have been applying to jobs like a mad woman. I went through a site especially for nannies and probably sent my resume to 20 families, not expecting many responses. I instantly heard back from 4 different families! Woah!

Most of the families wanted someone 9-6 Monday-Friday, which was too much for me. I want to have time to go to yoga, explore the city, and complete my errands...I couldn't do that with those hours. I really just wanted something to keep me from getting bored and to give me a little responsibility.

The family that I am going with is the PERFECT fit. It's an American family (from Boston) who has lived here for the past 3 years. The wife has been a stay at home mom, but is going to start working again in September. She has two adorable children that I got to meet today at the park- one 7 year old boy who showed up in a pirates hat and has the cutest gap between his teeth, and a 9 year old girl with the biggest green eyes. She seems like she will be an excellent helper, too. Also, the mom was just so cool- not at all a stereotypical expat wife.

So, here's my gig: The wife's hours are very flexible and she's only working 4 days a week. So, on those 4 days, I will pick up her children from school at 3, walk them home, help them with homework and what not, maybe cook dinner, and leave around 6:30. They are a 20 min commute away from me. If there are days we have visitors or are out of town, she can change her work hours to leave earlier, or put her kids in the after school day care. She loves that I don't need solid hours/ depend on her for my income, and I love that I can basically work when I want, just a few hours a day. It's enough extra money to not feel guilty about shopping or planning vacations, too.

While I was waiting to meet the mom at the park today, I started talking to another American mom who had just moved here from Oregon for her husband's job and SHE needs a sitter for her two cute boys (2 and 6) so I am meeting with her later today to talk more and then on Tuesday, I'm watching her 2 year old while she goes to her 6 year old's orientation at The American School. She doesn't work, so will only need me the occasional date night or whatnot. She, like the first mom, was also very cool and laid back. I am excited to make some extra cash, work with children again, and make friends with some other Americans!


  1. CP- I am so excited for you girl! So happy that you are getting to work with kiddos over there and I am so encouraged to hear that your were given the exact hours you were hoping for. That's awesome! Love hearing about your life there!

  2. That's great Christina!!!! Congrats!!!



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