Friday, September 20, 2013

Cutting Room Floor

Hello! Things have gotten very quickly back to the routine since my aunts left...we spent last weekend cleaning and doing literally nothing, and this week I've been doing my routine 3:30-7 nanny gig on Monday- Thursday. It is working out great. The children are precious- a 7 year old boy and 9 year old girl. They share a room and are seriously best friends. As soon as we get home from school, they throw their backpacks to the floor and immediately get into some sort of fantastical game of "magic devil horse", or "stuffed animal boarding school", or "doll hospital". It is so sweet how well they play together and makes me want to have children one day that are close in age! On top of that, the parents are really easy going. It is just the perfect setup for me. I have time to sleep in, workout, get dinner prepared and clean our house, then I run to the school (it's only 2 miles away), walk the kids home, and I run back home around 6:30 (they live only a mile away from me). If I am feeling lazy, I can also take a quick bus there and back.
Ok, here are some photos from my aunt's stay that for some reason never made it to the blog.
Laura and a robot, on Covent Gardens
Really cute elephant, Regent's Park

Laura, me, and Dianne in Hampshire

My cutie and me on our way to brunch

Daniel, me, Gail, Russ, Dianne, and Laura at Nopi for brunch...I had black rice with coconut milk and mango. It was scrumptious and what I needed after all of the unhealthy foods we had been eating.
Laura and me

Us at Downton Abbey
Not from my aunt's trip. I saw this wonder while running. I literally ran past it, saw it out of my peripheral, stopped, realized that it is NOT normal to run past a massive wooden rocking horse being towed by a truck, and backtracked for a photo.

This weekend, I am doing even more babysitting. Daniel is going to Paris for work and I need to be kept busy! Plus, it is extra spending money while we are in Cinque Terre (we leave next Friday!). Have a great weekend, y'all!

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