Monday, September 23, 2013

Future holidays

I think it can go without saying that traveling is a priority for us while we are here. That is why I began babysitting, why I cook nearly every night vs going out to eat, and why every single clothing item I have bought while here has been from a thrift store. We really try to save every penny so that it can all go to our savings account or to a travel budget.

With that said, we have planned several little trips for the rest of 2013.

First of all, we will be here on Friday. Worth mentioning again. Can't wait!

Our hotel. I booked it before reading Rick Steves, and this is the B&B that he recommends for Cinque Terre. We always trust good ol' Ricky!
The place where we will be eating our free Italian breakfast.

Town we are staying in. Excited for the wineries, pesto, and the fact that we will have NOTHING to do while there!

Trail we will be hiking on.

Next, we are taking a day trip to Stonehenge and Bath in October. There was a Groupon for a fabulous bus tour for 30 pounds a person. Ricky raves about Bath, so I hope we don't regret only spending a day there!

We never were planning to go to Stonehenge. It's a far drive and not around anything special. It seems like people drive the 2 hours there, take a picture, turn around and go home. I mean, it's a bunch of rocks. How much time could anyone possibly spend there? Since it was included in the Groupon, though, we'll take it!
Bath...the more English cities we go to, the more they start all looking the same. I'm going to trust Ricky on this one!

In early November we are going to Budapest for a long weekend. We also got a Groupon deal, including the flight, and after spending nearly a day on the phone with the merchant, I will NEVER recommend for people to buy a Groupon that has flight included. It was such a pain to book and all of the flights that we wanted were not "a part of the Groupon" (aka only Monday-Thursday flights, at 6 am or 10 pm). After planning and paying extra for a "premium" flight, I wondered if we are even actually saving money with this deal? Whatever, we will spend 3 nights there and I'm sure it will be

Budapest, Hungary // Study in Budapest! Learn more at the #EHEFPhilippines!
Next, we will be going to Paris with both my mom and sis, and then a few weeks later with Daniel's brother, Justin, and his wife Brandee. With my mom, a friend of Daniel's and mine was nice enough to let us stay in his family's flat in the Latin Quarter. With Justin and Brandee, we will be hosteling it up (my first experience, should be exciting!) I hope we get to do separate things on each trip there, because I don't know if I will want to walk through The Louvre or Eiffel Tower two times in two weeks (First world problems, I know).

Cannot remember where this was....somewhere in Paris! Taken 4 years ago.

Our last planned trip of 2013 (other than, fingers crossed, to Houston) is to Edinburgh with Justin and Brandee. It will be cold, but I am excited to drink some scotch and see some castles. Hopefully we will have time to rent a car and drive through the Highlands of Scotland.
500px / Edinburg Castle by Lee Crawford.  I was here about a week and a half ago in this wonderful city and fell in love. The contrast of the medival architecture next to the newly added super contemporary buildings is amazing.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! I kept scrolling, and waiting for the word "Spain". I did misplace my glasses a few days ago though... :(
    Ps. For future travels try edreams and jetcost



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