Thursday, September 26, 2013

Stoppin' By


No good pictures or stories today- other than my neighbor ringing my doorbell at 8:30 AM, asking if I can save a butterfly (really, a moth, but she tried to argue with me about that so, whatever, it was a "butterfly") that was hanging out on her window, inside her home. She kept telling me how she can't hurt anything and doesn't want to kill it, but needs my "moral support" while she tried to shoo it out. Once we got inside her flat, she proceeded to put on rubber gloves, give me a container, and scream while I chased it around. She actually went to hide while I caught it.  Finally, I trapped the poor "butterfly" in the container and tried handing it to her, and then she screamed bloody murder and nearly knocked the container out of my hands, yelling "I AM FRIGHTENED BY ALL THINGS WITH WINGS, DISPOSE OF IT!" in the swankiest yet most terrified English accent. So I set the "butterfly" free outside while she watched from the window. Afterward, I tried to hand her back the empty container. She asked me to please keep it, she no longer wanted it. Ha, the joys of sharing a house with a bunch of other people! But really, I am happy that I was able to help her.

Other than acting as a "butterfly" saver (or an old lady saver, depending on how you look at it), things have been low-key here. Daniel got back from Paris last night. Our French friend Vincent, who lives in Houston, was visiting Paris at the same time as Daniel, so they got to reconnect. Also, one of Daniel's best London friends got to go, as well, so he was happy to have someone to eat and drink with while they weren't working. Other than that, though, Daniel had to sit through lectures from 8am-8pm. He was happy that he had a comfortable bed and quiet room to sleep in.

Speaking of quiet rooms, my body now has a defense mechanism so that I don't hear the stomping around at 6 in the morning. Daniel says that I now snore so loudly, it drowns out the stomping. Which is good for me- I haven't woken up in a long time due to the neighbors!

Also, just so y'all know, our water heater finally works again and the cold that I had over the weekend has gone away.

Tomorrow, we are leaving our flat before dawn to catch the 6:19 am bus ride to the airport. Our flight is at 9:45! Once we arrive to Genova, we will take a bus from the airport to the train station, and then a train to Vernazza. I can't wait! We will come home on Tuesday- expect a picture overload!

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