Wednesday, October 23, 2013

First London Haircut

Thank you everyone for your uplifting words about the passing of my kitty. Your kindness really helped me cope, and I appreciate it so much. This post will be a much lighter one...I actually wrote it, intending to post it earlier, before I found out the bad news. I know that this post is just SO exciting, but I had to brag about my new 'do!

I hadn't gotten my hair cut since June...I was dreading getting it cut because it is so expensive here to go to a highly rated salon. Daniel's cut was the equivalent of $100...for a man's cut! Geez! But, the ends of my hair have been getting disgusting, so I knew it was time.

There's a tiny little salon by our flat. If you blink while you walk past, you'll miss it. I happened to notice it the other day (after living here for nearly 4 months!) and saw that they had a crazy good promotion- cut and blow for only 30 pounds mon-fri.

I was very hesitant. Couldn't find any reviews online and usually if things are inexpensive here, it means they will be terrible and you need to run far far away. I didn't blog about my one (and only) waxing session I have had in London because I didn't want to traumatize any of y'all, but that served as a great lesson to me: There is no such thing as a good deal in London.

HOWEVER, my hair has never been a security blanket to me and it takes a lot for me to really hate a haircut, so I figured I would give it a shot.


Not bad! Not only was it less expensive then I have ever paid in Houston, but it is actually one of the better haircuts I have ever gotten. I took the pic after I'd been rained on, so the blow out doesn't look as perfect as it did when he finished, but I think I might go back there if I just need a blow out. They have a deal on that, too, if you go Mon-Fri. By the way, I mentioned this whole "blow out" concept to Daniel and he was absolutely flabbergasted that women pay to get their hair blow dried or that a haircut costs more when you get it blow dried afterward. He wanted me to just come home with my hair wet from now on after I get it cut...MEN! 

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