Sunday, October 27, 2013

Play, Pubs, and Pals

Hello loves. We are currently bracing for a hurricane like storm that is supposed to hit us tonight and last until tomorrow. Pray it doesn't flood, as we are the basement flat! Also, it might be hard getting to work tomorrow, so we are praying that everything just closes for the day :-)

Tomorrow is the first day of fall break for the kiddos here, so I will be very busy this week and probably won't have much time to blog! Sorry in advance.

Here's what we were up to this weekend...


We went to see a matinee of Raving, a new play that is in production at Hampstead Theater in our 'hood. I initially wanted to see it because we love Peep Show and Robert Webb, from the show, was starring in the play. Peep Show is on Netflix and we recommend it if you are in the mood for a hilarious new tv show. Anyways, the play was hilarious. I'm glad we didn't see it right when we moved here, or I wouldn't have been able to understand what was going on (with the accents, idioms, and things they were talking about). It was a very "British" play.

Being a little pill and not smiling for my picture
 After the play, we walked down Abbey Road to a pub called Salt House. It was great! The food was actually delicious (hard to find with pubs) and the beer was, of course, wonderful. We ended up staying there for a very long time, talking and enjoying the beer. So thankful for my love and the fun that we have with each other, even after being together for 11 years! Some times it amazes me that we STILL have so much to talk about :-)

We came home Saturday night to all sorts of treats! First, I saw by our mail box what looked like an advertisement to the San Louis in Galveston and I almost threw it away, without thinking. Then I thought, "Wait...why would a hotel from Galveston be sending propaganda all the way to London?" I turned it around, and saw it was a post card from one of my old students, Jordan! SO sweet and made my day- even adults love getting mail!

THEN, I opened this box and it was full of amazing junk food that I cannot find here in London, from my great friend Anneke! It took all that I had to not eat all of the cheez its in one setting. Daniel LOVES jalopeno chips and is savoring them, trying to only eat a few a day. It was so, so, so very thoughtful. I am trying really hard to save the Annie's bunnies for a day when I am feeling really homesick...we'll see how long I last!


Daylight savings time ended, so we got an extra hour of sleep Sunday night, which was wonderful and much needed! We met our South African friends in Greenwich to walk through the market they have there. I thought it was going to be an antique market, but I found out they only sell antiques on weekdays- boo! The weekend is more homemade items and crafts. I got a really lovely smelling candle called "winter" that's handmade in Clapham. It was funny trying to describe to our South African friends what "winter" smells like (Christmas trees and spices, duh!). Well, for them, Christmas is in the summer! And they don't have real Christmas trees in Africa. It is so funny realizing cultural differences. Other ones realized today: A vest to them is a tank top, a pump is a ballet flat, and a jersey is a sweater or jacket.

After walking through the market, we went to a nearby pub for lunch, and then decided to go back to the market for dessert. I wish I had thought to take pictures! We got these mini Dutch pancakes, with melted nutella and strawberries on top. Yummmmmm.

A perfect weekend, indeed.

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