Monday, October 28, 2013

Night at the Museum

Have y'all heard of It is kind of like a, but for making friends. You find a group that interests you and go to social events that the group arranges. On Friday, I went to my first Meet-up ever for American Spouses.

The group caught my eye initially because I knew I could find people that would relate to our journey here, but I was determined to go because the event was held at the  Natural History Museum at night. It kind of reminded me of Elixers and Mixers back home (at the Museum of Natural Science).

The NHM is hands down in the most beautiful building. Unfortunately, my phone was about to die, so I was only able to take this picture last night. I am going to share some other pics that I have taken previously and stolen from the interwebs.

I got there around 6 and quickly found the group that I was there to meet. It's funny because I always think that every American I meet here probably has a similar story to us: expats, moved for spouse's job, most likely oil related. In reality, I haven't met anyone while in London who has moved here thanks to the oil industry. Most of the people that I met last night moved here permanently because their husband's a Brit.
The event was very nice and well done. There was a band playing on the top of the steps, decent food was served, and drinks were not too pricey. It was so neat getting to walk around the museum at night. I found out that the museum does this once a month, so I am going to drag Daniel along next time.

It was a successful meet up and I exchanged numbers with a couple of girls. Since I enjoyed the night out, I am going try again with another meet up for another group of American Women in a couple of weeks in Camden! 

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