Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Lazies

It's always a little sad when the weekend comes to an end. Even though I don't work that much, it is still so nice to have two days to have absolutely nothing to do, especially with my husband!
We really didn't want to make it a jam packed weekend. Daniel hasn't had a "normal" schedule in the past several weeks. He had to work for 2 weeks in a different department, spend about 1/2 a week in Paris, and then Italy...he just needed to veg out and relax!
So, Friday night I met my friend Sadia at an Italian restaurant by Big Ben.
We actually really lucked out- the food was delicious and even better than the reviews shared.The chef gave us both complimentary appetizers AND dessert, which was so nice.
I am thankful that we were able to have a girls night. It was MUCH needed and we ended up staying out at the restaurant talking until 11. 


The tubes after dark are always an interesting experience. Once arriving to the tube station after leaving the restaurant, I nearly tripped over a dude that was holding onto a bottle of liquor, passed out and covered in his own vomit. DISGUSTING! Two workers came and tried to wake him up, but he was out like a light. I hope that he's okay!
On Saturday, we slept in and I can't even tell you what we did all day, but it was great! I had a plan to go workout but that never happened. My Saturday highlights were going to the store, having Facetime with my family, and rewatching Breaking Bad with Daniel (he hadn't seen the last part of season 5 yet).
Sunday was pretty much just as wonderfully uneventful as Saturday. We finished Breaking Bad and then talked about how incredible of a show it was all day. We had plans to go to London Oktoberfest, but upon getting to the tube station, we learned that the only line that would really get us there was closed! So, instead we walked to two different pubs by our flat that I know I have blogged about a few times.

  Pub #1- The Warrington. It was a gorgeous day outside and we wanted to enjoy it. The pub and the area it's in couldn't be more "Londony" if it tried- complete with bright red phone booths, a flower covered roundabout, and old English décor inside the place.



Daniel studying his letters for the biggest point earning word
Next, we went to my favorite pub ever, Prince Alfred. We played a competitive game of Scrabble- Daniel had to swear to me that he wouldn't cheat. He actually told me that he normally would cheat, but he wanted to win the game fairly. What a sweetheart! We didn't play until the end, but when we left, Daniel was winning by 30 points. Just because I kept getting vowels and weird consonants. I'll get him next time.
That was our wonderful 2 1/2 days of was your weekend?

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