Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Oh, How I Miss...

Can't find these babies anywhere. And I really need some...I got Pomegranate juice on our walls and can't get it off, but I bet these would do the trick!

What easier way is there to clean your floors than with Swiffers? I found it on Amazon UK...for 40 pounds.

Don't even want to admit what I would do for some greasy chicken nuggets, waffle fries, and diet lemonade. This is what we ate for our last lunch in Texas :-(

Any Tex Mex in general would do, but Freebirds was my weekly go to for the BEST salad in the world (steak, black beans, guacamole, lots of veggies, and tomatillo dressing...yum!)

I would just love to find a Target and walk around aimlessly in it for hours, checking out the $1 section, new nail polishes, cheap clothes...There is NOTHING like that here. NOTHING.

My absolute favorite snack! I can't believe I used to limit myself to one box a month (because I always eat the whole box in one setting). Found these on Amazon UK....for 100 pounds. I'm not quite ready to spend that much, but give me a couple of months and I might change my mind.

I've been lucky enough to recreate Texas Chili...but what is Texas Chili without Fritos?!?

This is embarrassing to admit. But you know what you can't have without velveeta? Creamy, melty CHILE CON QUESO. I've tried to make homemade queso without Velveeta, and it just doesn't work. Here, my only options are cheddar. There is no pepper jack, Monterrey, queso fresco...I have searched every restaurant in London. No one sells chili con queso. I would literally drink a bowl of it right now if I could.

It is hard to watch American TV shows in general here. Weirdly, reruns of Real Housewives, Scrubs, and How I Met Your Mother always play on TV, but that's about it. Netflix streamed Breaking Bad the day after it aired in the US. But I am missing Parks and Rec, The Bachelor, Modern Family....
Also, another sucky thing is that only certain American movies play at theaters in London...and it's always about 1-2 months after it comes out in the states. We aren't huge movie goers, but we wanted to see Gravity over the weekend, but it isn't showing until November here!

I'm sure I will add to this list as our time here goes on. Can't believe we've been here for over 3 months now!

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