Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Madeline in Paris

No time to write up a big blog about Paris AND I didn't take a ton of pictures (my sister and Daniel both did that) so I need to steal some of their pics, first.

Here is my sister, Madeline, in a nut shell.

Paris, Day 1
 Sista was tired. She was jet lagged and not used to the amount of walking that you have to do in Paris. Feet were a lil achey...

Paris, Day 2
 This picture was not posed. Sister was a hot mess. Madeline's feet were in major pain, causing her to literally limp all around Paris. We bought her some $42 gel pads that helped for a bit, but after miles and miles of walking, her feet were done. She crashed and burned, having to take off her shoes in front of the Louvre for a little self foot massage. The only thing that kept her persevering is YOIFOM (pronounced YOY Foam- You're only in France once...maybe). 

Paris, Day 3

Thank God for Fashion Sport Fashion Shoes. These were not only some of the most stylish shoes we had ever come across, but also the most comfortable. Madeline was a new woman in her Fashion Sport Fashion Shoes.

The fuzzy insides and thick rubber soled outsides made Madeline's feet much happier. Plus, they were just some of the most flattering, sexy shoes we have ever come across. When you think Parisian shoes, I bet Fashion Sport Fashion Shoes are pictured in your mind. I know y'all all are dying to get a pair, but I think they can only be bought in Paris. Or in a sweatshop outside of South East Asia.

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