Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Quick List

1. My mom and sister arrive tomorrow, so I won't be blogging much!

2. We have ANOTHER water leak under our sink. What perfect timing. I might just keep a bowl under it for awhile.

3. Kate Middleton is at Daniel's office RIGHT NOW (but not on his floor) to promote something. Daniel says that he doesn't have time to meet her because he already made plans to play soccer. On a Wednesday. At noon. I am contemplating taking the tube there right now, to see if she looks as fabulous in person as she does in the Daily Mail..,

4. Something between snow, sleet, and hail started falling from the sky today.

5. I almost broke my leg on something we call "slippery leaves". Basically, the leaves all fall to the ground, get rained on and stepped on so much that they become this slippery, pulpy substance. If you are not walking around in shoes with lots of traction, you WILL slip. Way worse than banana peels.

6. Lovin the bike. But you remember that hill I was complaining about that I have to take every day to pick up the kids? It is SO much harder on the bike. I made it all the way the first day, but was really sore yesterday. I made it about 4/5ths of the way, and then my quads literally gave out and I half way fell/ looked like I was exiting the bike very hastily and walked the bike the rest of the way. Who knows what today will bring, with the snow/sleat/hail and slippery leaves.

7. Already had a light stolen from my bike. Already lost my lock, somehow, too. But the bike is still (kind of) in one piece!

8. Okay, that's all I've got. I'll try and post a blog once we get back from Paris on Monday!

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