Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Emerald and Aqua

I'll never forget the conversation I had with my close friend, Anneke, when we first became roommates at UT. I think it went something like this...

Anneke (totally out of nowhere while we were sitting in the kitchen): I associate numbers with colors.
Me: That's weird. What's 3?
Anneke: Red
Anneke: Blue
Me: 25
Anneke: It only goes up to 10.

But really, I have never met anyone that has such a passion and understanding of colors. Because of Anneke, I can never wear turquoise and feel like I'm not stealing "her" color.

It comes to no surprise that Anneke is a fantastic artist. I am totally missing the arty farsty gene, so I couldn't understand how Anneke could just seemingly add a dash of color here and a different "swoosh" of her brush there and totally transform her work.

 These are some of my favorites of hers, from her etsy site:

Emerald & Aqua Jars - Print

Signature Emerald & Aqua - PrintAqua Jar Greeting Cards - (5 per Package)

Obsessed! Really, I just love ALL of her paintings of flowers in aqua jars. They would look beautiful standing alone or in a trio. It has that shabby chic, vintage and girly feel...would look gorgeous in a sunlit living room or bathroom.

Fresh Citrus (Lemons) - Print

UGH, I just love this one. Would look perfect in a kitchen. This makes me literally crave an icy, sweet cup of lemonade.

Blackberry Fluff - Cupcake Print

How cute would this be in a girl's bedroom? And how hungry does it make you for a decadent, rich cupcake? Would be dangerous if it was hung anywhere near food.

To check out more of her paintings, to commission her to create something unique, or to find out more about the lessons she can give to your kiddos and their friends, check out her site Emerald & Aqua or her Facebook page.

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