Monday, November 18, 2013

Weekend Funnsies!

Hello, and I hope you all had a great weekend and will have a week that is equally as enjoyable...I know my week will be, as my mom and sister arrive on Thursday!
Last blog left off with my riding my bike clear across London on Friday. I arrived home when it was already pitch black outside, so Daniel and I did nothing else! I made some Goulash soup, after being inspired in Budapest. 
I got to use the paprika that we bought while in Hungary, but the soup wasn't nearly as good as it was in Budapest. And that bread bowl? It's a laugh! No body here even knew what a "bread bowl" was, so I just bought 2 loafs of sourdough and made it in to a bread bowl...a ridiculously huge one. 
But it saved the soup from being unremarkable!

 On Saturday morning, I picked up some free furniture from a friend of a friend who's moving. I rode my new bike there and hired a van to bring it back to my place. This is the new hutch in our kitchen. We had only 5.5 cabinets in our kitchen, 3 drawers, and no pantry. This now gives us some much needed storage! I also brought home a nice baker's rack and put it outside in our cement garden to display some flowers. Right now, it is a home to the house plants that I have killed and have put outside, hoping that they will miraculously have a second life. I'll post pics after I buy some more plants for it!

 After the furniture delivery, I was itchin' to do some shopping (I mean, I got furniture for free. I practically earned it). I rode the bus to Oxford Street and scoffed when I noticed that everything has been Christmasfied! Since there is no Thanksgiving here, Christmas decorations have been up since Nov. 1! I scored a sweater from H&M and a new puffy jacket from Primark for 22 pounds! Primark is like an even cheaper Old Navy.
We love gypsies. So many of our jokes center around them, I have no idea why they give us such a laugh
 On Sunday, we met up with Daniel's boss and his lovely family in Greenwich. We got there early, so I got my first red Starbucks cup of the season, sportin' an eggnog latte extra shot.

I knew my teeth had been coffiefied, so I didn't want them photographed. BTW- new jacket! Super warm and will be great during the colder months!

We explored the Painted Hall in the Maritime College... parts of Thor 2 were shot here! 

Other movies that had been shot on these grounds: Les Mis (barricade scene), Dark Knight Rises (final cafe scene), The King's Speech, Mummy Returns, and Lara Croft. Cool!

A lovely chapel. I learned that (at least) the dome roof of it was designed by the same architect whom designed St. Paul's! This was a "trial run" for him before building the cathedral.

We went to another museum that used to be the Queen's house. Henry VIII was born here!

We had a great and somewhat restful weekend. It is crazy...even though it is only mid November, we literally have every weekend planned out until 2014! It's going to be wild. In the next 6 weeks, we are going to Paris, Scotland, Paris again, then HOUSTON!!!


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