Thursday, November 7, 2013

Week Round up

I know it's only Thursday morning...but it is like a Friday for us (since we go to Budapest tomorrow), so I figured I would round up our week!

- This week has been a lot better, sleep wise, for us. Daniel has never heard our neighbors, and since I only have had my normal afternoon babysitting schedule, I get to sleep in :-)

- My hair was so non-frizzy, voluminous, and just lookin' good...until I got rained on and the wind nearly swept me away. Even with my umbrella (that will in NO way last for more than a month or two), my hair still succumbed to the wind and rain. This is why I never do my hair in London (and in this lighting, my hair doesn't look NEARLY as terrible as it did in real life. Trust me, it was embarrassing. Flyaways to the moon)
- I am desperately trying to make friends. I had a fantastic lunch with a girl that I'd met at the museum social event a couple of weeks ago. But then...
-I, feeling really hopeful from my last MeetUp group, went to another event for a group geared towards professional women in London that were American. Let's just say, it was not the group for me. At all. I started writing up a whole synopsis and then deleted it because I don't want to be unkind. And then I wrote up a more bulleted summary, and deleted it yet again, because I really don't want to say hurtful things. Can I just say that I was the only southern gal there, and you can understand? It's funny how to ME, I am normal...but to these girls I met Wednesday night, I am probably not.
- I know I am 10 years late, but I started reading The Time Traveler's Wife this week and I HIGHLY recommend it! I can't put it down!


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