Thursday, December 19, 2013

2013: One Great Year

After deciding in December to make the move, we started telling our family and close friends. Let the exciting year begin!

February was a crazy month, work wise. I knew that lots of changes were about to happen at my school that would be very stressful, and to top that off, I had to tell my co-workers that after only one (glorious, fulfilling, and enjoyable) year teaching there, I was moving to another continent.

We took our first trip of the year, to Costa Rica. It was not what we were expecting, but we still had a great time making friends, looking for monkeys, and drinking out of coconuts!

The most memorable weekend in April was visiting Austin with one of my closest friends, Lindsay! We stayed our first night at Anneke's, one of my best friends,  home and had a really great time at "Sandy's" restaurant, Bess Bistro! The next morning, Anneke and her husband were going to Dallas, so Lindsay and I packed up and went on a super long run (we swear it had to be 8+ miles) around Town Lake, and then met with my brother at Kirbey Lane, where I ate some delicious pancakes (shoulda ordered some cowboy queso, too). Next, we checked in at Lost Pines and had a really nice time (despite our husband's numerous jokes about our romantic getaway). Perfect girls' weekend!

May brought many tears. I had to say goodbye to all of my precious students. I had such a great class and year at Grace School and formed really strong relationships with my kiddos. It was so, so hard leaving both them and a job that I really loved.

Oh my God, was June crazy. We found renters by the seats of our pants and spent the month vigorously making our home ready for new tenants. On top of that, I went to a bachelorette party in Gruene, a family reunion in Boerne, and we both went to Rockport with my mom's side of the family. June will go down in history as being one of the busiest, yet BEST months ever (and to all of my non-Texan friends reading, those are all small towns in Texas)!

We moved on the 4th of July, found a flat, and became accustomed to life in London.
Such a freaking cutie, enjoying his free champagne while relaxing in his plane cubby 

One our first days in London! 

Amongst the "heat wave", we took the train to York and had our first lil vacation while living abroad.

I started babysitting! And, my two aunts visited. We had a great time frolicking around London and Hampshire, making new friends and just having a great time together!

My favorite trip so far....Take me back to Cinque Terre!


My mom and sister visited and despite the purse getting stolen, we had an absolutely perfect time.

Another crazy month. Daniel's brother Justin and his wife Brandee visited and in total, Daniel and I spent five weekends in four different countries! Scotland, France, England, and our last weekends will be in the USA in Houston!

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