Friday, December 20, 2013

A Day on Regent Street

I am a very, very lucky wife. My husband buys me little gifts all of the time, and I usually don't brag about him, but I have to today! I wish I was as thoughtful as he is...he can just go on a whim and get somebody an awesome gift. Me, on the other hand...I just over think it too much. 

For no good reason other than being the sweetest guy ever, Daniel booked me a really fancy spa day at the Langham Hotel on Regent Street. It's a 5 star hotel, and I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb in my tights and H&M sweater! However, the staff were all very friendly and I ended up having such a wonderful morning.

 I've only had a handful of massages, but this one was by far the fanciest! Upon arrival, the staff gave me a robe, slippers, and sparkling mineral water. I got to sit in the "relaxation room" where I filled out a questionnaire about "the harmony of the elements" in my body (a little bit of a quack, but whatever!).

Next, I got to pick out which oil they used (I picked lavendar and chamomile, but my other choices were basil/ lemon and orange/ something or other) and then enjoyed a relaxing massage. It was my first time to not have a deep tissue massage. Although I prefer the deep tissue, I will say this one was WAY less painful and I was able to relax more. Afterwards, I had some organic loose leafed tea and fruit, then used their salt sauna and hot tub. Fearful that I would fall asleep and drown/ sweat to death, I had to leave after a couple of hours. Perfect morning!

 Since I was in one of the main shopping areas in London, I decided to try and tackle some last minute Christmas shopping...bad idea!

 Everything was SO overcrowded with tourists and other last minute shoppers. Plus, shopping just really sucks in London when you are used to American prices. For example, Daniel loves Brooks Brothers so I went in, hoping to get him something. The prices were the SAME in pounds as they are in dollars...which means it is nearly double the price as it would be in America! UK brands aren't any better, either!

 I ended up going to Selfridges, Liberty, Fortnum & Mason, and some other small shops...and bought NOTHING! It was too crowded to even think straight, let alone browse without a specific list in mind.

 At Selfridges, they sell American foods. I almost bought these Oreos for Daniel...before seeing the price! Y'all, that is equivalent to about $12...for 1 pack of Oreos!

 Even though I didn't buy anything and became frustrated with the hordes of people, I do love seeing London at Christmas time! All of the store windows are decorated over the top and the displays entice you to buy things you never thought you needed. Thankfully, I am very frugal and have excellent self-control, or we would have had to eat nothing but cereal for the next 5 weeks!

I am going to be a complete lunatic tomorrow and go to Harrods right when it opens. I can't even fathom how crazy it will be on the Saturday before Christmas, but tis the season!

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