Monday, January 6, 2014

Jolly Ol' London!

Hello, all! I hope you all are ready to get back to work this week...I know lots of y'all have had a nice week or two off :-) Just remember....3 day weekend in a couple of weeks for MLK Jr(that's what my dad used to always tell me after the Christmas break, and it always made me feel better).

This weekend has had lots of rest AND a bit of excitement in it- just what we needed after a potentially depressing and homesick departure from Texas.

We have both been permanently jet-lagged, ever since we landed on Thursday. Neither of us slept much on the plane- in fact, Daniel was sick for most of the trip back to London! When we finally arrived, I literally went straight to nap for 3 hours, woke up just for a few hours, and then back to sleep...and slept in until 11:30 am the next day!

Although it felt SO good to sleep SO much, I haven't been able to sleep deeply since then! Most nights since then, I have been laying in bed, awake, until about 3 am, when I finally fall asleep. I am thankful I have TIME to sleep and don't have to rush off and work, but still- I hope to get back on schedule soon!

Saturday for us was a veryyyyyy restful day. Daniel didn't have time to recuperate from the flight since he worked on Friday, so he literally stayed in his PJS all day while I ran some local errands.

I finally have pictures of Daniel's side of our family and needed frames for the pics, along with needing a frame for a vintage map of the UK that I had bought as Camden Market a few months ago. The neighborhood charity shop (what they call resale shops here) was having a 50% off sale and I was able to purchase all of the frames for a rather good price (still not as good as Hobby Lobby would have been, though!). And that, along with working out, was how I spent my Saturday!

Sunday started off really lazy. We woke up at 10, made breakfast, then when back to sleep until 1! I'm telling you, this jet-lag sucks! I feel so bad for all of our visitors whom we made go out and explore the city the day they arrived!

We finally forced ourselves to wake up from our slumber and decided we needed to get out (actually, I decided. Daniel wanted to keep sleeping). We headed to Trafalgar Square to check out the British National Gallery.

 Couldn't have gotten a better picture! The tree, Nelson's Column, and Big Ben...with a red double decked bus to the side! 
Canada has a very nice embassy! Right next to the Blue Cock!
National Gallery

Christmas tree, given as a gift from Norway every year. I'm glad we got to see it, even if it was after Christmas! 
 I really, really loved the National Gallery. If you are in London and want to see paintings, this is the place to go! Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take pictures once inside. The interior was breathtaking in itself, only made more beautiful by the paintings. I loved the impressionist wing- tons of Monets, Van Goghs, and Renoirs.

Love this! Painted by Monet while he lived in it lame if I buy the print? It reminds me of life here!
Not in the impressionist wing...still one of our favs. Was captivating in person. 

After our skip through the museum, we stopped at the pub for a pint. What's a weekend without lazying by the fire, sipping a cider, and fantasizing about future travels with your love at the pub?

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