Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Stuff Londoners Fancy: Day Drinking

Day Drinking

Want to no longer feel guilty about your drinking habits? Come to London. Londoners love drinking, specifically day drinking (and I'm talking 7 days a week, not just on the random Sunday Funday).  
Why is there a shelf full of these cups in London? Because NOBODY could buy one and honestly use it. As least Londoners don't lie. And I mean, really...SHOULD someone proudly display the fact that no gin was allowed in their coffee cup? Now that I think about it, that mug is awesome and I totally regret not buying it. 
I initially noticed this phenomenon on my first walk to the yoga studio. At 10 on a Tuesday morning. I pass a few pubs, and I was surprised to see that every single pub had patrons sitting outside, drinking beer. And not hobo looking people- I'm talking distinguished, older men, wearing nice hats and with a cane. One of them might have even been wearing a monocle.

So, I walk past these old Londoners drinking at 10 in the morning, and you know what? I pass them again coming back from yoga at noon. And then at 3, when I had to go to the store? I pass them yet again! Still drinking their day away! Some of them are playing cards, some are with their dog, some are by themselves, reading a book, but they are ALL drinking massive amounts of booze.

The nonworking crowd isn't the only one that likes to drink all day long. You pass a city pub around 11 am, and the tables are FULL of suit-wearing men and women, knocking down as many pints as they can manage in their 1 hour lunch break. Pass that pub again after work, and they are still full! Sure, those people took a few hours break, but you better believe that they continue where they left off come 5 pm. And they stay out all night, even though it might be a Wednesday and they'll have to show up at work with a hangover!

Now that I have been here for over 6 months, I can say with confidence that day drinking on a weekday is a very normal occurrence that Londoners fancy very, very much (don't worry, not me! I won't drink until after I've had my second meal of the day, and only if it's the weekend. On weekdays, it's only with dinner. Even this Texas girl has standards, people.).

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