Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Yoga Challenge: Mayurasana (Peacock Pose) half way point

Day 1

Day 11 (my feet are actually an inch off the ground)
Me hopefully in a few days. Or years. 

This has been a lot harder than I thought! Finally nailing a yoga pose is so much more about your body just finally "feeling it" than strength or flexibility. And once you "feel it", it is hard to believe that it took so long!

Still not quite there, but I have learned a lot about Peacock Pose.

At first, I was trying to use ALL of my strength to get in to this. Firing up my core, using my butt muscles to lift my legs up, squeezing my upper back to get my arms in on the action. But with this, I was constantly toppling over (and screaming along the way)- not the effect you are going for.

In peacock, imagine your body as an even balanced see saw. You don't want your chin or hips higher than the other- you want it to be all one, even line.

Instead of looking at this as a strength pose, it has helped me to look at it more as a balancing pose. I have been practising getting in to it by starting in a plank pose, but with peacock arms, and then pushing my body weight forward until my legs become easier to lift, all while trying to keep my chest up.

Still working on it, hopefully by the end of January, my legs will be even with my booty! 

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