Friday, January 17, 2014

Winter is Coming

We are off to here on Sunday....
Gulfross in Iceland

Hoping to see this...
Come on, Northern Lights! They had the best viewing in the past decade lately...fingers crossed!

Prayin' the weather won't be like this...

Game of Thrones. These scenes were filmed in Iceland
But it's OK, because we have one of these...
That's the converted farmhouse we are staying in, with our private hot tub! Of course, I'm thinking things will be more snow-covered.
And I am perfectly content soaking in there while finishing this:

 Seriously, have you read this book? I cannot put it down. The story is so deeply touching and thought provoking. Her descriptions, characters, and style of writing just gets to my heart and I find myself reading and rereading the paragraphs describing the simplest of actions, because it's just THAT delicious and I want to soak it all in. Put this on your must read list, it is going down as one of my favorite books!

I have a couple of posts that are scheduled while we are gone, so still come back and check it out!

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  1. That is one of my dream places to visit! Y'all have fun! Can't wait to see pictures!



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