Thursday, January 16, 2014

Stuff Londoners Fancy: Visiting Florida

Visiting Florida

While at the gym the other day, I overheard a trainer doing, well, what trainers are notorious for doing: chitchatting with their client instead of makin' them work. He was telling his client all about how he is saving his money to go visit America for the first time. Before his client even asked him where in America he wanted to visit, I knew what the answer would be: Florida.

You see, Londoners really fancy this notion of visiting Florida. I think it's partly because of the sunlight, partly because it's on the east coast (and therefore easier to get to than, say, San Diego), but mostly it's because of Disney World. 

Now, I know this will be considered blasphemy from Daniel's family, but really....these Londoners live close to SO many cool cities to explore, not to mention a Disney Land in Paris...but instead, want to spend what will at LEAST total to 3K to go sweat their a$$ off while waiting in line over an hour behind a child crying because their mom wouldn't buy them one of those overpriced lollipops, only for a ride that will either give them a headache or make them sing an annoying chorus to a stupid song over and over and over again in their head for the next 5 days? Now, I love Disney World as much as the next person does (really!) but I'm not sure if I would go there if it was a 9 hour, one thousand dollar flight! Why not spend that money to go explore the Great Wall of China? Take an African safari (no, I'm not referring to the one in the Animal Kingdom)?  Really? Disney World?!?

You ask any Londoner where in the USA they have been to or want to go to, and 9 times out of 10, it's Florida. Lake Buena Vista, Florida. 

So, feel good about your travels, friends. Because almost all of you have travelled to what is ALLLLLL the rage in London to visit. 

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