Monday, February 24, 2014

Man Flu

The man cold

This is so my husband! Good thing I love him so much! :) It's also a good thing that I was the one who carried and delivered the four babes!Cards - Man cold

Our weekend consisted of me going to the pharmacy multiple times, buying jugs of OJ, making about 25 cups of hot tea with honey, cooking up a massive pot of chicken soup, sleeping in my husband's fever induced sweat (because cuddles were the only thing to make him feel better), and actually being asked to dry off his back because he was too weak to after his 10th bath. 

I usually joke that when Daniel has a sniffle, it's like the world is over. But now that he is actually really sick (seriously, the flu is no joke), it's just so pitiful. I'm not joking- I actually feel really bad for my big baby. 

And I am looking forward to the special treatment I will receive next time I'm sick. 

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