Friday, February 21, 2014

Resume Addition

Schools, companies, and small businesses will literally be lining up to hire me once we move back to Texas. Don't be surprised when you see my smiling, successful face on Forbes...

I have a new job to add under my "work experiences" on my ever growing resume.

I already have amateur blog writer. This shows not only my excellent communication skills, but also my intelligence, whit, and impeccable vocabulary. Not to mention my endurance and consistency, since it truly is hard work remembering to post and finding interesting things to write about. Sometimes I just want to quit. But I don't. I think potential hirers will be delighted to see my ability to persevere through keeping up with this blog. New York Times, here I come!

On top of amateur blog writer, I also listed part time babysitter childcare professional on my resume. I think this really proves my ability to take care of others. My leadership skills. Plus, I help the children with their homework. This proves that I can perform 4th grade math (a feat I am most proud of...honestly, could easily transition my career to the world of accounting).

Well, now I can add something to my resume that shows I not only can lead, but can follow, too. Yet, something that shows I'm not afraid to get my hands a little dirty. Something that shows that I can come in and pick up the sh*t left behind by others.

That's right. I am now a dog walker professional canine caregiver. 

I know what you're thinking."Christina, how do you do it all? Why must you make all of us look bad?" Well, friends, it's simple. Go to one of the best state schools in the USA. Get a 4.0. Graduate early. Do really easy, simple work like teaching kindergarten for 5 years to prepare you for what you really were made to do. And then you, too, can be a blog writer/ babysitter/ dog walker. It takes a lot of work getting to the top, but I know that you, too, can have a challenging and fulfilling career like I do. 

I'm obviously being self-deprecating. Thanks for dealing with my facetiousness, sarcasm, and negativity towards my career. Truth is, I'm just being silly. I was open to change and gladly accepted it once we moved here, knowing it meant putting my career on hold. I know that this is just a season, and I will figure it all out eventually. In the mean time, yes, I do work that is usually outsourced to people under the age of 14. But I actually really enjoy being around children and dogs. Walking Isabelle today brought me great joy, and I am happy to be doing that a couple of times a week now. The family lives in our neighborhood, so it is easy money, exercise, and dog cuddling time. Win-win.

But yes, move over Oprah. You're not the only Renaissance Woman now. 

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