Thursday, February 27, 2014 that you?

In Texas, you know how on that first day of sub 85 degree weather, everybody busts out their scarves and sports a pumpkin spice latter, in hopes that fall is just around the corner? 

I've been thinking about that, while forgoing my puffy jacket in hopes that Spring will be encouraged to show her face just a bit more. These past few days, the sun has been shining and the air feels just a bit warmer. Some overzealous Londoners can even be seen wearing shorts in this sunshiny weather (it is still less than 60 degrees out...I won't be wearing shorts for a long, long time!). People just seem happier walking around without their umbrellas and winter coats. 

 While running in Regent's Park yesterday, nearly everyone I passed offered a warm, knowing smile, like we were both in on the secret that Spring is on her way.

Wild daffodils and other flowers are sprouting up everywhere, and the spring colors just make me so, so happy, after a winter full of grey.

In ways, I am glad we moved here in the summertime, as I would have been immediately homesick if we would have come when it was rainy and cold and bleak. However, I think I wasn't able to fully appreciate how dreamy London is during the summer- perfect weather, rose filled gardens, happy people. But now that we have come accustomed to getting rained on and never seeing the sun...well, I just really can't wait for Spring to be fully here, in all her glory. Especially after visiting Rome, I have come to realize how much my happiness is influenced by the weather. And rainy, dark, cold days make Christina a very unhappy camper.

I had to bring some spring into our flat! I'm just praying that this weather isn't a fluke, and that it only gets warmer and sunnier in the days to come!

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  1. Wait...did you pick those tulips? Tulips and daffodils are 2 of my favorites and you get to see them grow wild?????? Put together a wild bouquet and I'll paint it!



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