Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tube Strike Madness

I am about to break up with London. No, really. She is being a down-right, crazy, irrational witch.
People just queuing to get into Waterloo so they could swipe their cards...
The whole city is in absolute chaos right now because of a tube strike. The tube workers are angry because ticket machines are replacing manpower when it comes to sales, so they decided to shut the whole thing down, except for a handful of key tube stations. Two days this week, and two days next. That is 3 million people A DAY who need to find a different alternative to getting to work.

Daniel is very, very lucky and is working from home for those days. I say lucky, but really, it is near impossible for him to get to work. Honestly, he has more of a likelihood of travelling to the moon than he does to his office in Canary Wharf from our flat.

Today I, not even living  in the city center but in a more residential area, couldn't even catch a bus. Every single bus was jam packed with people. I couldn't get a taxi. EVERY taxi was occupied.

It's just all so, so annoying and stupid. And the city is doing an embarrassingly terrible job at coping with this. They said a line close to our house would be open, and it's not. Certain stations that the TfL website posted would be opened are realized to be closed after walking all the way to it. They promised more buses....well, every single major bus I saw today was not taking any more passengers, roads were gridlocked, and it wasn't even safe to cycle, with the amount of people trying to get from point A to point B.

UGH. I'm just thankful that we didn't HAVE to be a part of this mess, like the rest of the city did. But seriously, London, you need to figure your sh*t out.

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