Wednesday, March 5, 2014

In Queso Emergency

Before moving to London, I would have considered this to be a very depressing sight....

That, my dears, is a bowl of chile con queso. Yes, the bowl has an obnoxiously wide rim in comparison to the actual bowl part, giving the delicious cheesy goodness the appearance of being the most ridiculously small portion of queso ever. 

If you would have shown me this picture when we were considering the move, I might have said "no way, no how. Can't do it" 

However, it wasn't bad. I mean, this would not fly in Texas. But in London, it was so appreciated. And weirdly non-velveetay. It was real, melted authentic Mexican cheese (none of that plastic nonsense). I was so happy!

And then afterwards, I had delicious chicken and green tomatillo enchiladas. I ate them too quickly to take a picture. I might have nearly cried tears of happiness. They were on par with Texas enchiladas. 

Life isn't so bad afterall! 

(This is at Cantina Laredo near Leicester Square. I went with a new friend, ToniAnn, who recommended this place.) 

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