Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Letting My Inner Cowgirl Run Wild

Don't have to worry about that, London. My inner cowboy is running SO wild in London, it can hardly be contained! 

P.S. This is why everyone not from Texas thinks we are all cowboys and ride horses to work. 

This is in Brixton and one of the only good photos taken. I'll have to go back and take more pics, as it was a very hip neighbourhood. I went with a buddy who is an expert on everything cool in London, had the BEST 3 course South American food for only £7, and made some awesome market/ pound store finds. AND it's where Electric Avenue is. And now, you will have that song stuck in your head!

I can't get enough of these trees! I walk under them, pretending like I don't feel awesome and like everything is right and beautiful in this world. And then I stop and try to secretly take a picture. And then continue trying to walk like a nonchalant Londoner. 

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