Monday, March 24, 2014

Obligatory Weekend Recap

It's Monday and I haven't blogged in several days. Truth is, I've been keeping myself pretty busy and haven't had time to sit and write! I think I owe you all a quick weekend recap before I'm off to explore a bit with a new friend.

On Friday, I double yogaed and then took a new friend to Borough Market. There's always an interesting sight or two there! I spent way too much money on things like raw butter, Italian prosciutto, mushroom pate, and of course my refillable wine, olive oil, and half of a grilled cheese sandwich.

 On Saturday I checked out a ballet class in Covent Garden. I really liked it and I think I might sign up for a course! I don't know what sparked my interest in it, but I randomly decided I wanted to try something new, and ballet should be it. I'm hoping it will help my yoga practice and help with my grace/ rhythm/ not being a klutz.

 I've also been cooking a TON and experimenting with paleo recipes. So far I've made cauliflower "hummus"(bean free), "paleo cheez-its" (good, but taste nothing like the cheesey, salty goodness they're named after), "paleo ice cream" (made with frozen banana as the base), and loads of pancakes (just eggs, banana, and coconut flour). I also roasted a massive chicken and then made some homemade chicken stock with the left over bones. I had NO idea how jelly like the stock turn out to be, but it is very tasty.
Me showing Daniel my new yoga pose I finally learned- 1 armed, 1 leg wheel. No, my head is not on the ground, although it appears that way. 
Sunday was double yoga fun and then Daniel date night fun in West Hampstead, where we had some affordable Italian food at Bellaluna. I was a bad girl and had pizza, and oh my goodness does my stomach feel terrible today. But it was worth it- so delicious.

I hope you all have an amazing week! Thanks for stopping by!

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