Thursday, March 20, 2014

Making Fwiends

Yes, I have to say it like a 4 year old because I FEEL like a 4 year old in a new school when it comes to making fwiends in London.

It's funny how we take for granted the 2 institutions in our life that helps us make friends- jobs and school (either yours or your child's). You don't realize how much easier it is to make friends when you have these two arenas in your life. Couple not being in school OR not having a job with being in a new city where nothing feels normal and despite the 8 million people living here, you can still manage to feel all alone? IT becomes apparent how terrible you need friendship.

Not really having school or a job (although I will say that the two mom's I mostly sit for have become close friends of mine) makes it pretty hard to find friends. However, these past 2 weeks I have actually been very social, and I thought I would share with you how I made these new buddies.

1. A friend of a friend of my Aunt Laura's.

2. Someone I met in a park

3. Someone who emailed me because she read my profile on a meet up group

4. A group of ladies I met online from a meet up group

5. A gal I met online who helped me find a restaurant that serves queso

6. An acquaintance from high school (who has become my saving grace and closest London friend since living here)

7. My adorable French yoga instructor- it took me months to finally get the courage to ask her to hang out (I swear, making friends feels like dating and I get so scared of rejection!).

8. This girl who I thought was cool after she cracked a joke while checking me in to a yoga class

9. Daniel's co-worker's fiancée

10. Other ladies that tagged along with the above list of women- it's like two friends for one!

You have to let all insecurities go when it comes to making a new friend. Don't worry about rejection (it's her loss!). Don't let the fear of "sounding desperate" steer you away from, well, desperately trying to make a new friend. If you meet someone cool or that you feel a connection with, you just gotta go for it! Most likely, that person will appreciate your effort and not think you're a nut case.

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