Monday, April 7, 2014

Back to London

Ok, after a week of writing about Madrid, I guess it's back to London!

This past week was packed with lunches, dinners, and coffee dates. At yoga, I spotted a girl wearing a Cane and Able's on the Lake shirt (a restaurant in Austin, for those that don't know). Because this is just what you do in London, I ran up to her and found out she was a fellow UT alumni, although younger than me, and then asked her to get lunch afterwards. Small world!

On Saturday, I went super far east to Stratford. It is pretty suburban, and I felt like I was walking through Sugarland Town Square! My South African pal Bailey is getting married, so we went to brunch and then wedding dress shopping with her at David's Bridal. Yes, those stores are surprisingly not only in America. But I'm not sure if the American stores sell such cool hats?

Saturday night, we went to the neighborhood theater and saw Good People, starring Imelda Staunton aka Ms. Umbridge from Harry Potter. The play was fantastic- about a single mother in Boston trying to desperately find a job. We just love this theater- it's very small and impossible to get a bad seat. Plus we could walk there. Afterwards, we pulled a Spain and went to dinner at 10 pm at this tiny little Italian Food restaurant. The kitchen is closet sized and behind the counter, so they only make one meal at a time pretty much. Everything on the menu is about £6-9, so it's worth it! 

This week is jam packed with nannying. The kids have off the next two weeks, so this week I am with them from 9:00- 6:30 everyday! I'll try and keep up with the blog though!

Have a great week everyone! 

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