Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Successful Half Break

Here, the school calendar is just cray-cray. Summer holiday is very short- about 6 weeks. Because of this, kids have so many breaks scattered around the school year. For Easter, they have two weeks off! Which means I am doing LOTS of nannying!

Yesterday I think marked the beginning of a fun break.

My kiddos are very easy going. They would be perfectly content staying home in their pjs and reading. I just cannot do that, though- I'd go crazy!

I got there Monday morning at 9, we played a bit, and then went to the Transport Museum. I highly recommend this for kids! They get in free, adults are £15, but it's good for a year.

It was understandably packed, but still not terrible for a holiday. I loved it- I could just sit down and drink tea while my kiddos ran around and had fun.

 The museum itself was actually really cool. It had old trains, subways, taxis, and buses in it that the kids could run around in. It was very nicely done. But don't go there if you aren't with children :-)
The museum is in Covent Garden, so afterwards we walked around and looked at all of the antiques. It was highly entertaining trying to explain the different items and what they were used for to an 8 year old. I got to show him Trolls, Beanie Babies, phones, typewriters, and records.

I am hoping that the rest of this holiday is as fun as yesterday was!

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