Thursday, April 10, 2014

Nanny of the Year

So I have been on a downward spiral ever since giving the kid 3 ice cream cones. I've been testing the limits for sure. 

These past two days have been gorgeous, so we walked to a new park in Kilburn. 
 Walking ain't half bad when the weather is nice and the houses are pretty. At the park, we mostly read our books and picnic-ed. The park was great, but there weren't any washrooms! So we had to go to the nearby pub.
 In America, it is frowned on to take a kid to a bar. Pubs are different here. They are family friendly and it isn't strange at all to see friends having a beer while holding on to their kids. With that being said, I still felt a bit guilty sitting at the pub with Michael.
 I really loved the pub we went to- a real gem, considering Kilburn isn't the nicest area. Funky interior and really good food.

 He asked if we could take pictures for my blog! I couldn't say no. I needed to document how I brought a kid that isn't even my own to get a drink (of hot cocoa) at the local pub.
Afterward, he wanted me to teach him how to play a card game. I already had taught him speed and we have grown tired of Go fish, so I taught him Black Jack. And this won't be surprising to anyone who knows me and my love for gambling- we played with pennies. And now he is addicted. As soon as I came over today, he asked if we could play black jack. We've probably played over 100 rounds. We put the money back in the jar when we're done- don't want the police to come and get me for childhood gambling!

So yes, during the break I fed the kid 3 ice cream cones, took him to a pub, and taught him how to gamble. Babysitter of the year, indeed!

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