Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunny Skies and Full Bellies

Hi! I know I'm a day late....I babysat all day yesterday and was too tired to blog once I finished. 

This weekend was great. I feel like we were all over London. Side note: I've been playing around with Retro Camera on my phone. It makes some of the photos cool, others lame. Sorry!

On Friday, I met my pal ToniAnne on the South Bank for some celebratory prosecco to start off our weekend. It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather, but we couldn't hang out for too long, since we both had plans with our husbands for later.

Daniel and I had a date night to eat loads of pizza at our favorite neighborhood joint, and then go for a couple of beers at our pub. Nothing too exciting!

Lame. Hate the frame around this picture. 
Saturday was our day of nothingness. The highlight of it was homemade enchiladas! My friend Erica gave me a can of verde enchilada sauce (that stuff is a rare commodity here). I paired that with some hard-to-find corn tortillas (no, really. tortillas aren't sold here like they are in America. I had to go to a speciality store) and presto, pure greatness. We ended up with the most delicious enchiladas ever, and ate 'em all up in one sitting. Oops!

Sorry for the hipster frame. Ugh. But I still want to share these pictures. On Sunday, we went to Shoreditch, a neighborhood in east London. I'd been wanting to explore the area for some time now, and I really enjoyed it! It is the cool place to be for the young, urban crowd.

 A little grittier than our 'hood, but that just made it more exciting. It was a great place to people watch- an ecclectic assortment of folks roam around Shoreditch. We went to the Columbia flower market (fail- way too crowded) and then explored the Spitafields market and Brick Lane market (both wins, but I wish I brought more cash).

We went back to our neck of the woods to enjoy the rest of our beautiful Sunday. We explored the nursery in Little Venice- much less crowded than the Columbia Flower Market! And I could relax on this cool TeePee swing. 

Lastly, we went to one of the surprisingly few restaurants on the canal to enjoy a couple of drinks, along with the rest of Northwest London. We wanted to eat there, too, but after waiting nearly 2 hours, we gave up...bought a baguette and some stinky cheese from our local delicatessen shop, and called it an early night!

This is a short week, but I hope to write another post before we go to Amsterdam for Easter!

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