Thursday, April 17, 2014


1. Happy almost Easter! In the UK, we get both Good Friday AND Easter Monday off. Score!

2. Going to Amsterdam tomorrow....pretty excited. Daniel has been before and is really looking forward to being my tour guide. I have my heart set on seeing the tulip gardens, but they are going to be crazy crowded and a pain to get to, so we'll see!

3. So I had this whole long story written on here about the yelp elite event I was invited to and blogger made it funky. Just know copious amounts of cava were involved and we had a fun night!

4. It has been gorgeous out, and I have gotten more and more confident with riding my bike further outside of my little 3 mile zone. It's just difficult because it's a bit hard to find your way in London (with there being no grid pattern for streets and what not), so I've been looking on a map first before making my journeys. Fun stuff and a great way to explore the city!
Okay, so not a picture I took while cycling. But, yay London!!!

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