Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting Cozy

Cedar Creek, not Rome. But close! Just switch out pasta for fried pickles and limoncello for St. Arnould's beer.
Welp, I had plans to blog about Rome, but after looking at my pictures, I realize that the BEST photos were the ones David took and I haven't received many of those yet. So I think Rome will have to wait!

Guard dogs on our fancy new chairs
New sofa is Dakota approved!
I cannot believe I haven't even been back in Texas for a week. Although I guess the fact that I am still waking up at 5 am proves that I haven't been out of London for too long, we have accomplished so much in the past several days! Lots of unpacking, furniture buying, and home repairs. We still have a longggg way to go, but we sure did make a dent!

Speaking of repairs, our dishwasher broke today. I was SO looking forward to no longer hand washing dishes, too. Oh well!

Also, today is Daniel's birthday. He bought himself a projector for his man cave, but I have been busy whipping up some homemade vanilla bean ice cream and peach cobbler (wish fresh peaches). Aye! A labor of love indeed, and I hope that he likes it!

 And now for something completely random...I spotted this little guy in the tree outside my window this morning while I was (hand) washing dishes. Can't really decide if I think he is cute or completely disgusting. As long as he doesn't make his way into my house, I think I'll stick with cute.

 On second thought, look at that tail. EEK! Disgusting.

OK, that's enough fun for today. Everyone have a great Thursday! 

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