Monday, July 21, 2014

Rome take 2

You're going to read this post and think, "Wait, didn't I already see these pics?" The answer is kinda sorta. We went to Rome for Valentine's Day, stayed in the same area, and saw very similar things. We both really love Rome, though, and didn't mind seeing the city again with Daniel's family. But yes, even though we already took pics 4 months ago of all of the ruins, food, and architecture, we couldn't help but pull out our cell phones to take pictures of the impressive sites. 
Since we had already done the main tourist things, we mostly wandered around aimlessly, gelato in hand, walking in to random shops and churches. 

Also, it rained a bit while we were there, which actually turned out to be a blessing as it cooled everything down from the normal 100 degrees to about 75. 

Our flat was literally 3 buildings away from the Pantheon. Under our flat was a little restaurant that actually had some pretty good food and wine. Daniel chose to get a beer the size of his head! We probably ate there everyday, just sitting outside and watching all of the people! 

We walked with the family towards the Colosseum, even though we weren't planning on going in again. Even though I had seen these sites before, they were still just as impressive!

We also devoted a day to just go into churches in our neighborhood. After about 5, they all started looking the same!

This one had the best ceiling

And of course, we have a strong belief that when in Italy, you must eat gelato at least once a day. But it is perfectly acceptable to have it both after lunch and dinner.

 And the food was just extraordinary! Carbonara, pizza diavola, focaccia, ravioli, lasagna...everything was delicious! Not to mention you can get a liter of wine for less than 6 euros at most of the restaurants. My kind of place!

I think Rome was our favorite destination during the Bond trip extravaganza and it was hard for Greece to compete with it. I'll post next time about Athens!

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