Monday, November 4, 2013

Weekend Summary!


We had a MUCH needed relaxing weekend. We were both so busy over the week, that the thought of going out and being tourists was dreadful.

On Friday night, I went to my first yoga class in a week- that's how busy I had been!

Then, on Saturday I woke up and went to yoga at 7:30 am- I wanted to make up for all of this missed practice! I got a little over zealous and did way too much in a short amount of time and ended up hurting my lower back (dead lifts Thursday didn't help). I think I pulled the muscle while doing a backbend- I wasn't warm when I got in to it, and I started to feel a twinge after holding it for a while. So disappointing!

No, those aren't the Pan au Chocalt that I ordered in place of a pancake. Nothing to see here...
We went to brunch afterwards at a place called One Bleinheim Terrace. It is our favorite restaurant in our neighborhood and Daniel had gotten a coupon for 25% off. He had eggs benedict with smoked salmon and these amazing fried onions. I was REALLY hungry and wanted to get both one blueberry pancake and this smoked salmon, fried hen egg, bread, and cheese plate of amazingness, but the waiter made me feel too ridiculous (I felt like brunch was a combination of 2 meals, so might as well have two meals), so I skipped the pancake. It was all delicious! I'll get my pancake next time...

The rest of Saturday, we lazed around, snacked, and watched movies (Seven Psychopaths was on Netflix and we liked it a lot!). I also spent about 12 hours on the internet, planning our trip to Budapest...Cannot WAIT until Friday!

Our AMAZING organic beef, carrot, kale, and bean chili on Saturday night...complete with Fritos. Thanks, Anneke!
On Sunday, Daniel woke up feeling really grumpy. Our landlords were up at 6 am in the freaking morning, doing laundry. Honestly, it is infuriating. We ask them on a weekly basis to please keep in mind that we hear everything going on in their kitchen (where their washing machine is) from our bedroom, and that any movement wakes us up. Laundry is something that can wait until a decent hour, so it is just really frustrating how inconsiderate they are to us. They were also doing dishes a few nights ago at midnight, banging cabinets left and right...we were those people banging on the ceiling so that they would get the message that they should STFU.

Anyways, this lack of sleep made Daniel very grumpy and homesick for our quiet Houston home. Which made me depressed (nobody likes seeing their baby unhappy). We decided we did, in fact, need to get away from the flat and remember why we are here. We hiked around the Heath for a few hours, enjoying the nature, fresh cold air, and sunny skies. It made for much better moods!

Afterwards, we cleaned our fridge, waited for our grocery delivery, cooked, and did laundry. Exciting, I know!

Now, we are waiting for this to come out of the oven...

Skillet Spinach Pie
From Martha Stewart...minus all of the butter, plus some kale and chopped walnuts


...Along with some Nutella pastries. Don't judge...I couldn't just waste the extra phyllo!

I came back to add this picture, just so you can see how amazinggggg our dessert came out! Just mixed some nutella with almond butter, slapped 2 TBL in the middle of 4 phyllo sheets, wrapped it up, and sprinkled some powdered sugar. Baked in the oven for 20 min at the same temperature as the spinach pie. YUM!
I hope you all had a great weekend and enjoy every moment of your week!

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